About KIGO

Shandong KIGO Media Co., Ltd, which was established on July 13, 1997, becomes Shandong's premier brand of media culture. There are five sub brands. They are KIGO Culture plaza, Weizhou Grand Auditorium, KIGO bookman, Shangyue and Painting Capital. In the centre of book management, it focuses on the development of chain bookstores, book wholesale, publishing distribution business, and extends to Art Museum , culture and Creative Industry Area, education training, art shopping. It becomes the most influential public cultural enterprises during 19 years’ development.
       In response to mass reading, we will speed up the book chain. The chain business expanses in recent years. KIGO retail model innovates to break the traditional way. By setting up cultural and living Area with reading, books, culture consume, coffee culture, special education, it forms a service network of the reading in the city. After years of development, we have 46 bookstores chain in Weifang, Weihai, Yantai, Qingdao, Rizhao, Zibo, Jining and more than 20 cities. It becomes the biggest book chain brand in Shandong Province.
       Brand Advantage makes KIGO strong. At present, KIGO media has become distributors or agents including China Publishing Group, Beijing Publishing Group, 21st Century Publishing Group, Shanghai Century Publishing Group, Children' publishing company and several well-known national presses. More than 200 national presses and 300 private publishing companies established long-term cooperative relationship with us. Qualification of KIGO is being built. It is currently the largest book sellers in Shandong Province. And we have 22 trademarks.
       In respond to the call for mass reading, we layout community bookstore, enterprise bookstore, campus bookstore, rural bookstore and plan to complete three-dimensional bookstore development . As the center of Shandong, under the radiation of 20 cities of East China, we eventually become the biggest chain of bookstore in 2017.
       Passenger-sharing mode realized growth of profits. The unique mode about bookstore built in shopping center attracts urban population of the reading and cultural purchasing skill. In contrast with online shopping, it enriches the experience of customer.
       Cultural and creative products enrich reading service. KIGO media focuses on customer purchasing experience by showing Taiwan and foreign literary creative products and special education brand in store. The unique and innovation in content enlarge the choice of customer consumption. In addition, KIGO strengthens the tracking of publications and retail, wholesale market and comprehends publication updates to the maximum extent of the public demand for the purchase.
       Open the University Culture and creative Area in campus. KIGO reaches consensus on cooperation with more colleges and universities .Let Cranberry Culture and Creative Area enter into the campus. We allow students to participate in the operation and establish the university cultural and creative alliance, building students' reading brand and its market.  
       Company plans to achieve more than 200 Networks with full coverage in East China in 2017.It will become the most influential platform for reading on University in East China.
       Mass reading for public welfare activities can cultivate the citizens' reading habits. KIGO media makes school as the starting point and has set up a KIGO 1 + 1 reading room alliance. Book donation, Top ten families selection and other activities are held to cultivate the reading mass. In June 2015, KIGO Reading Game is held in summer camp in Shandong province which has attracted thousands of students to participate in every year. The project also received the support of the government and prepares the new ones.
       Strength brings the honor. Achievement shapes brand. During the time of development, KIGO media was awarded of Shandong province top ten books distribution unit. In 2015, the company was awarded of the China Association of small and medium enterprises (CRS) issued by the social responsibility of small and medium enterprises. In April the company was awarded of Shandong Provincial copyright protection demonstration unit, Area (base) and 2015 private book industry by the Shandong Provincial Copyright Bureau and so on. We had been Selected Reading Festival national top ten influential bookstores, 2014 Chinese growth top 100 small and medium-sized enterprise and Shandong Provincial Copyright Bureau genuine products operating Demonstration Company.
       In 2013, book center upgraded to KIGO Cultural Plaza for leisure reading, experience culture, cultural and creative function, including books, education, media, creative, art galleries and other elements of the large consumer culture synthesis. With the area of 12 thousand square meters and the successful implementation of a culture of service, it constitutes an important force in Shandong economy.  
       In August 2015, KIGO Cultural Plaza II --Xinhua store opened, with an area of 2,300 square meters, becoming a cultural and educational service. Since then, KIGO will have gather fashion, arts, humanities, and education in Weifang, Jinan, Qingdao, Weihai and other places to do some service projects.
       Involved in cultural exhibition, the industrial chain companies extended. For two years, we launched a series of rich content to open the exhibition venue. In 2015, making full use of Weifang Art Fair influence, we organized the spring art exhibition, including blend of nostalgia - rooted in culture for nation and Taiwan famous boutique exhibition, University - creative - share the city college students creative exhibition and other two large-scale cultural activities. In autumn, Russian oil painting exhibition and auction which were sold nearly 100 was successfully.
       Strong combination achieved a new cultural and capital integration in August 2015. With the successful signing of the Weifang investment group, the combination of culture and capital create a new platform for the development of cultural industries. At present, there are many companies including China and the country's capital investment, frequent contact with the companies. KIGO media will become a standardization, modernization and comprehensive medium-sized joint-stock public company, creating new profit point and cultural flashpoint.
       Future planning, KIGO will be a city cultural operators from line to line to create digital media platform which is called to Internet plus concept for the purpose, and the major domestic publishing media group together to explore an Internet platform launched. The KIGO has 46 stores + online mall + logistics distribution mode O2M.
       KIGO Cultural Plaza, a strong brand of Education, gathers many first-class teachers, guarantee the teaching professional. Literatures, Art, Ancient Chinese Literature are the three characteristics of KIGO education. Thousands of students grow every year create a foundation for the brand of education.
       Conforming to the industrial restructuring opportunities, we develop Painting Capital Art shopping+o2o platform to promote the art business innovation. KIGO media, Chinese culture and art industry alliance, Dazhong net, Yaxin art net,Sanqin Metropolis Daily, Shenzhen Huarong Art Academy, Weifang cultural property rights exchange and other special industries cooperated in order to promote painting Capital project, created a painting crafts o2o Gallery platform. Through the online and offline exhibitions, auctions, art festivals and other forms gradually build a platform for painting and calligraphy.
       KIGO media in the future business objectives is to further consolidate the main business and expand to outside. It becomes a biggest books operators in the East China. KIGO media will continue to wholesale and retail of books as the main business, through the development and perfect experience bookstore, abundant books, and to establish and improve the business structure, expanding scale of the company e-commerce platform. In addition, KIGO also make full use of the current state support for the situation of the development for cultural industry, adhere to the main business at the same time to create a set of cultural and creative development, cultural industry incubator, cultural and creative investment, education and training, art exhibitions, cultural promotion, public welfare and culture service .As for cultural complex, innovative, flexible and diverse forms of business to further consolidate the competitive position of the company, KIGO media contributes to the development of social culture industry.