Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

As an urban cultural business operator, KIGO Media seeks equilibrium between economic interests social efficiency, opens up a cultural oasis in a barren urban architecture, and awakens the soul of the city with its heart.

Strong youths lead to a strong country. Children are our future, are the backbone of the future social development. KIGO Media pays attention to the growth of students, for these years, it insists on organizing summer social practice camp every year, participated in by more than 20,000 students from all regions in Shandong, the most beautiful bookshop photography, painting contest, 3D puzzle handmade competition, reading promotion, bookshelf arrange, store hygiene, coffee bar food making, simple hands-on experience, let children become little bookstore assistants, improve the children's ability, and exercise children's social skills. In the activities, famous literary writer Cao Wenxuan and Wang Yimei, picture expert Yang Han, literature writer Zhang Zhilu, and management science expert Wu Gan et al., are invited to interact with the children, jointly explore the joy of reading and mysteries of writing. 

The company has established a "KIGO College Student Forum", Liu Xiaoyang, board chairman of KIGO Media, makes speeches in Qingdao University, Yantai University and other colleges and universities jointly with other well-known entrepreneurs, they exchange entrepreneurial experience with students, and teach them methods to succeed. Using Weizhou Auditorium as a platform, the company has invited successful people of different industries from different places all over the country including Taiwan to give public welfare lectures, thoughts of literati are extended unlimitedly here, powerful and unconstrained thoughts of scientists are argued and reasoned here, and the trend lines of finance scholars are commented and annotated here. Advanced, avant-garde and the elite thoughts are collided with each other, activate the local cultural circle and enlighten the development of the cultural industry. It organizes "Famous Writers Visiting Campus" activities to establish close contact with well-known writers. It has invited many famous writers, such as Yang Hongying, Cao Wenxuan, An Yiru, Zhang Zhilu, Han Yang, A Gui, Wang Yimei, Peng Yi, Wei Menghua, An Wulin, Zhou Rui, Yu Yujun, Shang Xiaona, Xie Qianni, Xiaoling Dingdang, Liu Yuxi, etc, to visit different schools in Shandong Province to meet the little readers and provide chances for little book fans to closely contact with the writers and understand the writers, this has set off a hot tide of reading in the province, and has created a good atmosphere for all people reading activity.

The company has launched a "Literary Weifang - All People Reading Game" activity to select top ten reading family of Weifang City. This activity lasted for a long time, developed into a large scale, covered a wide range, and has a profound impact. The event attracted great attention from Weifang TV Station, Weifang Daily and other media, as well as the general public. Literary families talk their reading experience and exchange their collected books and what they have learned during reading with more people through newspapers, Internet and other platforms, forming a good habit of respecting and advocating reading in the society, and this has promoted the construction of Literary China.

The company organizes book donation every year to donate books to primary and middle school students and disabled children in poor areas; it has signed an agreement with the Education Bureau to donate books and jointly build a KIGO "1 + 1" book reading room for one school each year; it holds large scale public welfare cultural activity named "Education-Enterprise Joint Building Literary Ark" jointly with the Education Bureau, fully promotes school culture reading process, creates literary campuses, literary families, and literary communities; after Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan and Yushu earthquake in Qinghai, it immediately organized all of its staff to raise money and send the money- their love to the disaster areas. 

At the same time, the company has established "KIGO Love Fund" and regularly raises love funds to alleviate the economic pressure of its poor employees, and solve the urgent needs of its employees with economic difficulties and ensure that the love is continually passed on.

The society is developing, KIGO has never stopped its steps, and combining social responsibility into corporate culture is the source for the survival and development of enterprises. An urban culture business operator should use its heart to wake the soul of the city and this is the unremitting pursuit of KIGO Media. We do not just advocate, but lead the cultural trend of the era, lead the development opportunity of the era, let more people bathe in the light of culture, provide a noble and clean space to the soul of the city!