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Opening Ceremony of KIGO 2015 Summer Social Practice Camp

2015-07-12 KIGO Book Club

Run, youngsters! In the morning of July 12, KIGO 2015 Summer Social Practice Camp was opened in an orderly manner in children's expectations! Sponsored by the Bank of Communications Weifang Branch, Zhejiang Children's Publishing House, etc., and jointly undertaken by Gude Plaza of Shandong Weifang Department Store Group Co., Ltd, Weifang Evening News, Weifang Radio and Television Newspaper and Shandong KIGO Media Co., Ltd, KIGO 2015 Summer Social Practice Camp was inaugurated grandly, nearly six hundred children from Weifang attended the opening ceremony.

Together with China's first Disney-contracted writer Yang Peng

China's first Disney-contracted writer Yang Peng participated in this social practice summer camp, entering together into a wonderful sci-fi trip.

On the opening ceremony, Yang Peng played a sci-fi ambassador, ask questions each other with children, broadened children’s brains, let imagination freely extend.

Lovely children's accomplishment show highlighted Gude Plaza

In addition, the opening ceremony also organized drums performance, hip-hop performance and other exciting programs carefully prepared by the kids from Sorcerer's Stone Children's School of Art, Philharmonic Angel Arts School, Longyun Music And Arts School, and RED hip-hop, the smart and merry dance, elegant and ethereal rhythm, and innocent shows were warmly welcome by the audience.

Yang Peng at Weizhou Auditorium as a guest with "Imagination" 

In the afternoon, a theme lecture "Imagination Liberation" was held at Weizhou Platform of KIGO Cultural Plaza, Yang Peng brainstormed together with the children to liberate thoughts and expand imagination. At the same time, they exchanged writing skills and other creative elements together.

Practice Camp Played Relay Race in the Whole Summer

This practice camp organized four activities: Striving to become Bookman stars: Campers became bookstore managers, assisting in the collation of books, promoting reading, experiencing the hardness in work, and understanding the industriousness and difficulties of their parents; Exchanging old books for new ones: Old books were reused, books became a symbol of love relay for children in order to develop children's love; Talent Star Competition: Cooperated with "Sparkle Startlight" Sixth National Arts Festival Talent Selection Event, the competition let talents shine on the stage; "Children’s China Dream": Young Reporters participated in large-scale gathering activities in the grassroots to uncover the mystery correspondents, so that they can understand another new fun world in the grassroots.

Exploring the nature of growth the Opening Ceremony

Figure • group photo of writer Yang Peng and the campers

With the end of the opening ceremony, campers started their scholarly journey in the practice camp and this is an unforgettable life experience for children. Leaving the pampered life, they had to threw himself into the practical experience and feel the charm of labor, at the same time, they participated in various activities with full vitality, freely displayed their talents. This can satisfy children’s ignorant exploring desire, and can stimulate children's potentials at the same time, let books enter children's hearts to accompany their growth.