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Opening of KIGO • Shangyue & KIGO Cultural Plaza on August 8

2015-08-06 KIGO Media

KIGO • Shangyue 【Urban Cultural Business Operator】

The project covers an area of 2300 square meters provided with 70 fashion drawings from a design draft revised nine times, forms an urban culture audience hall - KIGO • Shangyue

It is designed by an internationally renowned design team from June to August, and is prepared for a year and a half with an investment of RMB 9 million Yuan. 

A group of cultural spaces such as “Yundouzi Coffee”, “Paintings”, “Cultural & Creative”, “Legao”, “Chongxian Museum”, “Literary education”, “Aesthetic master pieces”, “Art exhibition”, etc.

Chongxian Museum Famous Expert Lecture Hall

Ren Deshan - CC TV calligraphy and painting channel speaker expert

10:08 ~ 11:20 on August 8 (Saturday), 2F, Weifang Yinzuo Mall, KIGO • Shangyue

Musical instrument, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetryhistory books, classical SinologyConfucianism and TaoismRen Deshantraditional Chinese culture expert, talk about traditional Chinese culture classics

Agui Comes!

Famous cartoonist Agui's nation-wide signing

14:00 ~ 15:30 on August 8 (Saturday), 2F, Weifang Yinzuo Mall, KIGO • Shangyue

Crazy cold summer, the world is full of laughter! A celeb visited here in August

The author of "Crazy! Guibao! " visited KIGO • Shangyue!

KIGO Cultural PlazaUrban Culture Complex

KIGO Cultural Plaza • Xinhua shop covers an area of 2,300 square meters.

It integrates such functions as leisure reading, cultural experience, cultural and creative, etc, including such elements as books, education, media, and creativeness, etc.

Settled: “Bell International music and dance”, “Philosopher's Stone Children's Art Institute”, “Youte International Education”, “Hanlin Art”, “Boka Robot”, “Prince and Princess Photography”, “Chinese Music Baby”, “KIGO bookcafe”, etc.

It has become the first membership cultural complex of culture + education as the theme in Shandong Province.

Stop during walk to waif for your soul