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KIGO • Shangyue | "Urban Culture Audience Hall" Starts a Cultural Tour

2015-08-10 KIGO Book Club

For nineteen years, from encounter to knowing each other, from companion to cherish each other, as an urban cultural business operator, KIGO has been quietly providing knowledge and skills on your side. After careful preparation in a year and a half, KIGO • Shangyue was opened grandiosely, with seventy fashion drawings from a design draft revised nine times, on August 8, 2015, under the careful cultivation of KIGO people and eager anticipation of readers, it forms a urban culture audience hall

Mr. Ding Hanbang, Deputy Director of Weifang Municipal Publicity Department, Mr. Li Qiang, Member of Party Standing Committee and Director of Publicity Department of Kuiwen District, Zhou Fuguang, director-general of Taiwan World Artists Exchange Association and Chief Executive of Tulip Specialty Coffee Association, participated in the opening ceremony of KIGO • Shangyue, and guests participated in the opening ceremony include friends from art circles, media circles, and financial circles and Taiwan district.

△ Mr. Li Ke (right) and Mr. Liu Xiaoyang (left) jointly inaugurated Chongxian Museum

△Mr. Ren Deshan, traditional Chinese culture expert, talk about traditional Chinese culture classics

At 10:18 on August 8, Mr. Li Ke, board chairman of Beijing Chongxian Museum Century Culture Media, and Mr. Liu Xiaoyang, board chairman of Shandong KIGO Media Co., Ltd., inaugurated Chongxian Museum. After the opening ceremony, Mr. Ren Deshan, speaker expert of the calligraphy and painting channel of CCTV and traditional Chinese culture scholar, talked about ancient and modern Chinese culture with readers in KIGO • Shangyue Chongxian Museum, discussed traditional Chinese culture, brought audience a feast of traditional Chinese culture.

In the afternoon, A Gui, the author of "Crazy, Guibao", visited KIGO • Shangyue as a guest, brining a 3D "Guibao" movie, talk freely with bibliolaters about his experience in creating "Guibao" for years and the story behind the big movie. During laughter, the passionate of bibliolaters added a "tornado craze" to KIGO • Shangyue.

On August 9, KIGO • Shangyue also invited Mr. Zhou Fuguang, Taiwan Yundouzi coffee expert, director-general of Taiwan World Artists Exchange Association, and chief executive of Tulip Specialty Coffee Association, spoke in a theme lecture named "Specialty Coffee and Life", talked about specialty coffee culture, and made cup test, tasted, hand making demonstration, let customers really feel pure coffee culture after reading, opened a specialty coffee tour.

The brand new KIGO • Shangyue will get rid of the traditional single book marketing model and become a completely new cultural experience space. Here non-scheduled meet-and-greet events for readers, small musical performances, independent film exchanges, independent film festivals, cultural salons, etc, will be held from time to time, at the same time, there are also many functional areas such as Cranberry painting museum, Lego robot experience hall, style handicrafts exhibition area, etc, a small public space is built for readers through books, conversations, images, and ideas, to provide a cultural platform for readers, especially for young people, while catering to the growing demand for cultural consumption. It introduces a completely new cultural and creative space, provides one-stop comprehensive cultural life experience for people, and creates a cultural exchange place belonging to Weifang.